I have a new website name for my blog. I have moved it from www.jeffmurrays.com/wp to www.techtipsandhints.com. I have tested most links that I could and everything seems to be redirecting smoothly, but if you see any issues please let me know.

Computer users seem to get younger and younger every day. When I was growing up I didn’t really use a computer until I was in my teens and that was only a little at school. I now work at a school and they use computers as early as Kindergarten! This is the reason why parental controls have become even more important.Continue reading

Goggle search has become one of the most popular search engines there are. As an IT person, I cannot know everything. No one knows everything about the job they do. When I come across something that I don’t know how to do I search using Google. There are some tricks that can help you find what you are looking for.Continue reading