Free Microsoft Office (Online)

Do you like Microsoft Office but don’t want to pay for the programs? Maybe you don’t use it very often or just don’t have the money. Well there is a solution, it is limited version, but free.

All you need to do to get Microsoft Office for free is to sign up for a free account, a Microsoft OneDrive account. A OneDrive account is free and comes with 15GB of free storage, and now it comes with free use of the online version of Microsoft Office. So not only can you create documents using Microsoft Office, but you have somewhere to save them online. And it’s all free. Of course you can upgrade for a fee for more storage also.

The online version of Office does have limited features so do not think you will have the full powerful version of Microsoft Excel, but you can definitely create a simple spreadsheet. The online versions include Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and OneNote.

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