Making a video from pictures has become common, there are many ways to do it. The way that I had done this in the past was to make a PowerPoint presentation with the pictures arranged on the slide, set up the transitions, and use a third party software to record the presentation. While I did find Camtasia Studio pretty easy and did exactly what I wanted, now there is an easier way.Continue reading

Why should you backup your data? The main reason would be hard drive failure. Hard drives are hardware, and can fail. Other reasons you need to backup your data could include accidental deletion, operating system failure, and fire. Sometimes we get in a hurry and delete a file that was important, don’t rely on the trash bin for storage. Some files don’t even go to the recycle bin when deleted, for example if they are too large. Continue reading

There have been a few (good) changes that were made with Windows 8.1 Update and more to come. These updates seem to be bringing back what Windows users are missing from the older versions of windows. With Windows 8, Microsoft was gearing toward touch devices. Although this is not a bad thing, they seem to have forgotten about the mouse and keyboard with some features.Continue reading