Libraries and Jumplists – Access the files you need.

Sometimes after you have a computer for some time you get a large collection of files on your computer and need a way to organize them or a way to access the ones you use often easily. That is where libraries and jumplists come in.

Libraries are “collections” of files that you want all in one place. This could be for a project, planning a party, or anything that you have files saved in different locations and want to bring them together. You can even add files located on a remote computer (internet access to them is required). Windows 7 started with 4 libraries created for you, Documents, Music, Photos, and Videos. You can add other file locations to these. Libraries were still there in Windows 8, but with 8.1 they were disabled. To bring them back in Windows 8.1 Open File Explorer, Click the View tab, then click the Navigation pane button, and finally click Show Libraries.

To add to the premade libraries simply go to File Explorer and right click on the library you want to add to and click properties. You will see the files that are in the library already and below the box, there is the option to add. Just click the add button and browse to the folder location you want to add.

To create a new library open File Explorer and right click on Libraries in the side panel and hover over new and select Library. The new library will be created with the name “New Library”. You can right click and click rename to change the name to what you want. Then right click and click properties to add folder locations like you did to add to the premade ones.

Jumplists are lists of recently used items that you can  also be pinned to go directly to them from the taskbar. First of all, you need to have the program open and then right click on it in the taskbar. This will bring up a menu where you can pin the program to the taskbar for easy opening. You can also click directly on a document, picture, or website to open it. These are your recent items for that program. If you want to make sure that file is there to click on later, you can click the pin to pin that file to that programs jump list.

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