Quick website access.

There are many websites that most people go to daily or quite often. If you do not want to type the website address there are several options for a shortcut. You can create a favorite in your favorite browser, create a shortcut on the desktop, or pin the website to the start menu (Windows 8).

The most popular way for easy access to a website is to create a shortcut to the website in your favorite browser. Each one is slightly different. In Internet Explorer you browse to the website you want to add to favorites, click the star icon in the upper right corner, and click add to favorites. By default it wants to add them to the Favorites folder and gives it a name. You can change both, just erase the name and put what you want. For the folder, you can click the arrow and chose a new location or click New Folder to create a new folder. I like to save them to the folder in the drop down called Favorites Bar so they show all the time for easy access. If they are just saved in the Favorites folder you will need to click the star icon to see them. You can show the Favorites Bar if its not on by right clicking in a blank space in the toolbar area and checking Favorites Bar. (You can still click New Folder after selecting Favorites Bar to create a folder on the Favorites Bar.) In Chrome the process is basically the same except they are called Bookmarks. Click the three line customize icon in the upper right corner, click on Bookmarks, and chose “bookmark this page” (be sure to browse to the site first). The options of where to save can then be set. You can make changes by clicking Bookmark manager instead of “bookmark this page”. In Firefox, if you browse to the page and click the star icon it will create a bookmark automatically, clicking the folder icon beside the star will give more options.

Another way is to create a shortcut on the desktop for the website and then you will just have to double click the icon and the page will open in the default browser. To do this right click in a blank space on the desktop and click New and then Shortcut. A box will open so that you can type in the website that you want to create a shortcut for. Click Next and you have the option to give it a name and then click finish and the icon is created. You can move the icon where you want on your desktop. If you are already on the website you can click and hold on the favicon (little icon to the left of the url) and drag it to the desktop.

If you want to pin the website to the start screen (in Windows 8) open Internet Explorer, browse to to the website and click Tools (or alt and T key on keyboard) and then click add site to apps. This will add the website to the apps and then from there you can right click and pin to the start screen. If you do not use IE you will need to create a desktop shortcut and then copy it to the folder where the pin sites are stored. The location is a hidden folder so you will need to just type the location into windows explorer exactly as is below (unless your hard drive is not C:)

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs (where C is your hard drive letter)

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