Refresh, reset, or restore Windows 8/8.1

After some time using your computer, you may notice that it getting slow or just not running the way it should. With Windows 8/8.1 there are some new options that you can do to fix this. Maybe you want to sell or give away a computer and want to remove everything, you can reset your PC easily in Windows 8.

Although these options work well, thing happen, be prepared. Sometimes during the process Windows will need some files that for some reason are missing for the operating system. For this you will need “recovery media”. This could be the DVD you used to install Windows with, a thumb drive, or other media that you created recovery discs with. Also with these option, if you upgraded from Windows 8 to 8.1, you will need to re-upgrade.


Refreshing your computer will leave all your files in tact, but programs or apps installed from websites or DVD’s will need reinstalled, but apps from the app store will be reinstalled. To refresh you need to swipe from the right edge (if touch device) or point to the top right corner to invoke the charms and click settings and then change pc settings. At the bottom is update and recovery, click/tap that and then recovery. Under Refresh your PC without affecting your files click Get started. You will then be presented with step by step directions on what to do.


When you reset your computer everything will be reset back to factory settings and Windows reinstalled. All programs, apps, and files will be removed. This can be used to start over with your computer, if you are selling it, or giving it away. This option is below the refresh option.  Click Get started under Remove everything and reinstall Windows and follow the directions.


Restoring your computer to an earlier point is useful if there is something that just came about suddenly that messes up your computer. Restore points can be created manually and are created automatically when installing software or updates. To create a restore point manually by searching for system restore and click/tap on create a restore point. The system property windows will open in the system protection tab. The last button is to create a restore point. In order to restore your system you will want to click on the system restore button (the first option). You will be given a list of restore points that you have the option to restore to. There is a check box at the bottom to show more. Choose the one you want and follow the rest of the directions.

Note: The system restore option is available in earlier versions of Windows.


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