Windows 8 – Shortcut keys

Sometimes when navigating windows, there is an easier way to get tasks accomplished. The following is a list of keyboard shortcuts. (Found in Windows 8 Basics pamphlet)

Windows Key:   Return to the Start screen from an open app or the Windows desktop or press again to return to the previous screen.
Windows Key + F1: Open online help.
Windows Key + C: Display the charms.
Windows Key + D: Display the Windows desktop (second time to hide)
Windows Key + E: Open Computer (Windows explorer) 
Windows Key + F: Search for files.
Windows Key + I: Open PC Settings.
Windows Key + K: Open Devices.
Windows Key + L: Lock the computer.
Windows Key + M: Minimize all open windows (on the Windows desktop).
Windows Key + shift + M: Restore minimized windows (on the Windows desktop)
Windows Key + O: Lock the screen orientation.
Windows Key + P: Transfer the screen image to a connected projector.
Windows Key + Q: Search for apps.
Windows Key + R: Open an app or file.
Windows Key + W: Search Settings.
Windows Key + X: Display a quick menu.
Windows Key + Z: Shows commands available in the app.
Windows Key + plus sign (+): Zoom in.
Windows Key + minus sign (-): Zoom out.
Control (ctrl) + C: Copy the selected item.
Control (ctrl) + X: Cut the selected item.
Control (ctrl) + V: Paste the selected item.
Control (ctrl) + Y: Redo an action.
Control (ctrl) + Z: Undo an action.

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