Location based Reminders – IPhone

Have you ever needed to do something when you get home or work? Sometimes setting a reminder to do a task is not enough. What if you don’t know what time you will arrive home? If you have a note, how do you remember to look at the note? 

If you have an IPhone you can set a reminder and set to be notified when you arrive at a location. First of all, create the reminder in the Reminders app, and then select the item to edit the options. You have the option to remind on a day (includes time) and remind me at a location. Simply turn on the option for location and then tap location to select a location to be reminded at. After selecting the location you also have the option to remind when you arrive, or when you leave. This would be useful if you select “current location” and then remind when you leave to do the task. Maybe you are at a meeting and need to go pick something up at the store when you leave, setting a location reminder would keep you from forgetting.

Other devices have this option also and there are apps that you can download for extra features added on.

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