Is the website down?

When browsing the internet or going to your favorite website sometimes you get a message that the website not found or connection failed or other messages. Sometimes just reloading the webpage fixes the issue but sometimes it don’t. So the question then becomes  is it your computer or the website.

Websites are basically just servers storing files that you view using your browser. Just like your computer sometimes loses connectivity to the internet, these servers can do the same. They are typically built for website uptime performance, but issues still happen. Most hosting companies guarantee a 99% up time. That is pretty good, but that does leave some time down. My personal site was down for over 30 minutes but the percent was still 99.8, well within their guarantee.

So how do you know if it is just your computer or the website. There have been a few websites come up that you can check the status of a webpage by simply going there and typing in the webpage URL that you are questioning. There are 3 that I found quickly.

The reason I say 3 is because the first 2 are the same but the first is a shortened URL that is the same as the second. All 3 are pretty self explanatory, just go to the site, enter the URL, and click “just me” or “check”. It will tell you yes it looks like its down for everyone or no it is just you.

If its down for everyone there isn’t much you can do but wait. If it is just you, you will need to see if other websites work or is your internet down.

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